My publisher sent me these two reviews – they just came in while in Antwerp the Book Fair is going strong. I’m so thrilled, it’s pure a-moose-ment 😉
Check it out:




Hello – it’s been a while, thank you for bearing with me. All Summer,I have been working together with the lovely translator of my firstborn. Today, I am very proud to present the cover. I love it. What do you guys think? Available everywhere as of 10/10/13!

Coming soon

Hi, my name is Sten Treland. I’m from Norway. I like coffee and crime novels. Come fall, I’ll be releasing my own thriller, and guess what: not even published in Norway, I already find myself with a Dutch publisher. Belgian, actually – Flemish to be precise. The kind people of Manteau have somehow picked up my trail, and based on the synopsis, they offered me a contract. Boyaa! A translator is hammering away, as we speak.

Oh yeah, one more thing: ‘De lachende eland’ – that’s the title of my book in Dutch. Stay tuned for more news – coming soon!